Lizzy Gonzalez Photo
// Music Photographer
// Videographer
// Art Enthusiast

*ALL PHOTOS have been taken by me unless I state otherwise*

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Thomas Veroutis drummer of Sylar

Outtake photo I took of Andy for his solo project Andy Black check out the video for “They Don’t Need To Understand” if you haven’t yet! 

Marilyn Manson performing Dope Show - Masters of Madness Tour 2013

Fred in the hallway at Gibson Amphitheatre, Los Angeles

Photo I took of Falling in Reverse playing Sacramento last year…. gave it a new look

Alice Cooper’s stage manager Harry looking cool - Summer 2013

Alice Cooper’s prop master playing with fire backstage

Marilyn Manson’s iconic podium stand, took this on tour somewhere last summer.

Danielle Fidelity portrait I took for

Happy Belated Birthday Tyler! Mine is on the 5th his falls on the 6th kinda dope…

Took this of Lexus at her home

You’ve probably seen this one floating around alot, took this two summers ago at Warped Tour. You’re welcome internet.

Blessthefall playing Warped Tour somewhere in California

Zombie Beau! Took this on the set of Blessthefall’s music video

Asking Alexandria cab taken at SOMA - San Diego, CA